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 how many vns have u ownd and what did u pay for it
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P Plater

80 Posts


Posted - 14 Jun 2010 :  5:58:14 PM  Show Profile Send SKDWGN a Private Message
my first VN S2 LE i brought when i was 16 picked it up for $300 ripped out the running gear then scrapped up and fixed up my VQ statesman i brought a vn wagon S1 not long ago $200 my mate has had 4 he picked up 2 for $100 bucks ripped out the motors scraped them got his money bak and brought a vn $300 blow it up scapped it and and got one not long ago for $150 and useing it for parts for a v6 conversion on his VK wagon

wheres theres smoke theres rubber
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Fully Licenced


228 Posts


Posted - 14 Jun 2010 :  6:35:46 PM  Show Profile Send dryVN a Private Message
Only had 2 , First one for 5 years was a mint s1 Exec auto and paid $5500 in 2002 which was fairly pricey at that time but worth it. modded it a bit.

Then a Calais s1 auto 3 years ago for $900. with Factory Climate , cruise , fe2 , LSD, V8 t/b , 85 liter tank 2.5 sports system and all the power crap Holden could throw at it lol. Have spent a bit on a custom interior , lower susp. , stato wheels. The paint was rough so i sprayed the whole lot matte black for $80. No show car for sure but not getting rid of it.
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Forum Moderator


1316 Posts


Posted - 14 Jun 2010 :  6:39:54 PM  Show Profile Send VNSVLE a Private Message
First VN was also series 2 VN LE paid $1500 and second is the SV LE which I got for an absolute steal but put a bit of money into it straight after I bought it. Initially paid $3800 for it. Still own both of them as well as another 11 cars :D

What's the difference between understeer and oversteer?
Understeer is when the driver is scared.
Oversteer is when the passenger is scared.
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National Driver


1001 Posts


Posted - 14 Jun 2010 :  7:39:06 PM  Show Profile Send Mechknight73 a Private Message
Only one so far. Paid 2 grand cash for it, but was worth it. This is a Series 1 bog standard Executive wagon. No towbar, no tuning, nothing really modified, save for an LG CD player. Now that I've replaced that stereo, I can laugh at the fact that the CD player worked "when it felt like it," and the tuner would only pick up AM.

There are some truly freakish coincidences about this car. So many, that I'm convinced I was "meant" to own it. For a start, when I first started looking, I wanted a VN/VP wagon in white, in good nick, for two grand or less. Without even knowing it was there, the very car yard I wanted to start looking in, there it was, front row, grinning at me. A one owner, whom previously used it as a kid shuttle.

The 4th of August has been "cursed" for me since 1988. I lost my father to a massive heart attack on that date. 12 months to the day, I nearly lost my left thumb in an industrial accident (no lingering damage, but the scars are impressive!) It so happens, that this date is also the first day of registration of my VN. It has been the exact opposite of the curse, as I've driven it across Australia, and it has barely complained at all. Breaking down seems to be something it's loathe to do. And to think, the previous owner traded it in on a Kia Rio!
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P Plater


67 Posts


Posted - 21 Jun 2010 :  09:18:15 AM  Show Profile Send Tonto a Private Message
One i have now is the first. I remember driving a mates he bought new, about 6 months after they come out, i said "I gotta get me one of these". Bought current one about 1997/98 for $9000 of a mate. It was in really good nick, and in the 13 or so years i have had the car it's given me almost No Dramas and still goes pretty good. Would'nt mind getting another for parts, Some bloke up the road has a vp For sale....i understand they are pretty much interchangeble???.....but it looks real bad and he wants $500...aparrantly welsh plug went kaput but he drove it has never gone since.
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National Driver


1001 Posts


Posted - 21 Jun 2010 :  10:28:18 AM  Show Profile Send Mechknight73 a Private Message
VPs picked up a few useful "upgrades" over the VP; integrated security system, Series II manifolds, 5kW of power, and some suspension tweaks. As far as bodywork goes, the only real differences are in the front clip; front indicators, repeater lamps on the guards, optional IRS, and some trim changes. any part on them will bolt onto a VN, and I've seen some wacky looking "crossbreeds" of the two
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P Plater


47 Posts


Posted - 25 Sep 2010 :  1:18:06 PM  Show Profile Send spac89 a Private Message
my first commodore was vn calais paid$1000 in cairns for it, current car is a vn spack paid $700 from d wreckers complete
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