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Welcome to the Support Forums Guestbook

This Guestbook is for those who can not or will not register with us, but would like to leave a comment.

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Posted by ociebieda - 08 Aug 2014 : 07:25:35 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: Poland
Greetings to all Commodore users.
Posted by John Whitfield - 29 Jul 2012 : 4:13:05 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: WA
Great site guys, I owned a VN Calais new and just found the original brochures so rather than throw them out I have listed them at .99c on e-bay.
Posted by burnzo - 17 Jul 2011 : 2:08:19 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: nsw
i recently perchased a 1990 vn calais 5lt {royale} its not my 1st commy. but i have never heard of royales? all i can fin is wat wiki has to say its 1523ml longer than the normal calais?. can anyone help with some details were are they supost to be longer?. its got 95lt tank al calais trim.with twr gear on it. tom walkinshaw racing? lsd. has any1 heard of royales cheers burnzo.
Posted by VNGRPA - 11 Jul 2011 : 05:49:34 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: qld
This has got to be one of the best sites i have been on well done David and specail thanks to VNSVLE for keeping this site nice and clean
Posted by trizo - 02 May 2008 : 12:52:05 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: western australia
please if you want a answer to your questions,join the site otherwise all questions sighed to the guest book will be deleted!

thanx trizo <vn forum moderator>
Posted by Kevin Fenwick - 21 Apr 2008 : 6:09:24 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: NSW Australia
I would like to know if you can put a VN series 1 motor into a series 2 VN body if so wot mods need to be done. All info will be most appreciated
Posted by NOJ05H - 01 Aug 2007 : 09:57:06 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: NSW Australia

this site is AWESOME!!!

VN Commodores Rock!

Posted by trizo - 31 May 2007 : 11:00:35 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: w.a
keep up the good work all our members its a real treat to have such a site...

and a real big thanx to dave 4 giving us this site to utalise!!! true champ!

thanx again all of ya TRIZO
Posted by YNV_M3 - 14 May 2007 : 11:18:40 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: South Australia
Hey Hey there isnt many signitures in here wat a bumber anyways just wanted to say a big thanks to anyone that commented my topic in the formum.. Well Cheers And thanks to all the ppl behind WWW.VNCOMMODORE.COM
Posted by aussiefastbowler - 12 May 2007 : 7:00:14 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: WA
For those of you that are asking questions in the guestbook about your cars and/or problems, we will not answer them. Please create a profile and ask in the forums.

Posted by Caila burnes - 29 Oct 2006 : 09:46:53 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: SA
I am having trouble with my VN Commodore, the fan is suppose to start up as it is a thermal fan when the car gets hot but it doesn't show up on the heat gauge in the car so it over heats.

Posted by chris - 28 Aug 2006 : 8:47:50 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: vic
love it
Posted by paul harris - 07 Aug 2006 : 02:20:02 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: qld, australia
please explain why a vn motor is diffrent to the current commodore motors?i read alot of commodore forums, nearly everyone is after or praising a vn or the motor? i got a vn that i occasoinaly bash around, but if someone tells me the secret of the motor i might try and rebuild it or get someone to do it for me, also how do you make a vn to chirp shifting from 1st to 2nd gear or maybe 3rd? is it true that i only needed a stage 2 or 3 shift kit? without any mods to the car (VNv6)


Posted by chooba - 12 Jul 2006 : 12:46:55 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: Vic, Melbourne
Top site. So much new info i didnt know from the forums. Great site!
Posted by johnny cade - 02 Apr 2006 : 11:47:49 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State/Country: New South Wales, Australia
Nice site...very helpful :D

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