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 Technical Modifications
 Piston Stop Tool For 91 Vn Commodore
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Starting in the driveway


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Posted - 23 Jan 2012 :  1:23:59 PM  Show Profile Send max101cfh a Private Message  Reply with Quote
has anyone come across these tools, it goes into the spark plug hole to stop the piston, i need it badly so i can take off the harmonic balencer to replace the CAS any info would help

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Posted - 23 Jan 2012 :  4:47:17 PM  Show Profile Send VNGRPA a Private Message  Reply with Quote
why do you need that to take off the harmonic balancer, just get a torque wrench and put it on the highest setting then put it on the bolt with the bar touching the ground and take out you fuel pump fuse and turn your key a bit to get the motor to crank only for a sec and the bolt will come loose then put your pulley remover on and it will come of change the cas and put the harmonic balancer back on and your done p.s don't forget to put the fuel pump fuse back in

Edited by - VNGRPA on 23 Jan 2012 4:50:08 PM
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Posted - 23 Jan 2012 :  4:48:26 PM  Show Profile Send VNGRPA a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Ive had to do it so many time i can do it in 2 odd min
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Posted - 23 Jan 2012 :  5:57:34 PM  Show Profile Send VNSVLE a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I would highly recommend a breaker bar over your torque wrench. Torque wrench only meant to tighten not loosen.
The alternative is to remove the radiator and use an impact gun.

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Posted - 09 Dec 2012 :  8:07:21 PM  Show Profile Send phlipside a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I cant say I like the idea of using your starter motor to crack the crank pulley bolt. The consequences of getting it wrong could be disastrous.
I tried with a rattle gun but couldn't get it undone, then I came across this method on a website somewhere.
Once you've removed the fan use an old serpentine belt with an end looped around the crank pulley, then both parts together doubled over the water pump, back over the alternator, under the tensioner and then the end looped over the power steering pump pulley it wont go right round the last one but it's enough to keep it there. The huge surface area of the groves of the belt facing into each other under a bit of tension over the pulleys will stop the crank pulley turning. All you need to do then is put your 24mm socket on a breaker bar or wrench with extension pipe, lean over the right hand wheel arch and slowly but firmly pull it towards you, exerting pressure as needed. (counter clockwise as you look at it). The set on the bolt will crack reasonably easily and you can screw the rest out with your fingers. My old harmonic balancer pulled off using two hands and a little bit of wiggling. Reverse the process to get it back on and get that bolt done up nice and tight again. Give it a blat with your rattle gun or Put a line of silicone in the grove on the crank bolt to stop any oil leaks through there. While you're at it replace your CAS and if you just used your original serpentine belt you should probably get a new one of those too! Keep the old one for if you ever have to remove your crank pulley again.

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Posted - 09 Dec 2012 :  9:36:56 PM  Show Profile  Visit Benche's Homepage Send Benche a Private Message  Reply with Quote
just whack it with a hammer a couple of times and rattle the fcuk out of it till it comes off. persistence

VN V6 MANUAL - 14.1sec 1/4MILE, 150rwkw, 350nm
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