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 vn commodore site poll

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
trizo Posted - 27 May 2009 : 5:34:27 PM
Gday guys/gals just a little poll to c how every one is getting on and how they find the site!!
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Scotia Posted - 02 Aug 2015 : 7:01:57 PM
2015, Had the VN Berliner for 25 years. Now is the second family car but love her even more. Just started doing some much needed TLC wont stop until she going like new again although she go's pretty good for a 25 year old car. Been hanging around this site for years now, Thought about time I joined in. From now the Die hard VN fans will show themselves.
Mechknight73 Posted - 10 May 2011 : 5:19:29 PM
Some of us see it as a challenge to solve problems people post. Kind of like an automotive puzzle lol
thedunga Posted - 09 May 2011 : 8:46:04 PM
as a new member have found the site to be useful, i used to work at a wreckers and learnt a lot about vn's then was given a wagon (the dunga) and took my vl le off the road for a car that is just as easy to work on but has a bit of poke, hope to be able to help you guys out if i can, also i love how fast you can get a reply unlike other sites where you can wait days.
ZeriDYNCDer Posted - 30 Apr 2011 : 2:21:42 PM
Cool, there is actually some interesting facts on here many of my friends will find this worthwhile, I will send this post to my friends, many thanks
trizo Posted - 23 Jan 2011 : 10:59:48 AM
its great to c this is still being used ..,. I love it!
Mechknight73 Posted - 09 Sep 2010 : 5:54:10 PM
Since being unemployed, this site has helped me in both being useful to others, and picking up info. I've since started working on a night shift (8pm-8am) so now I can actually start doing more stuff as far as restoring my VN goes
dryVN Posted - 09 Sep 2010 : 1:28:19 PM
Hi all , i got mine on ebay. Here's the link

They are 300mm long x 50mm high white only and cost $3.50 free post to Aust.

There's also another listing from the same company and that is 590mm long x 100mm high version.

which has many various colors , and is $5.00 free delivery.

ordering a web address decal is easy for them. hope to see you on the road with this cool site sticker..
hsv_babe Posted - 09 Sep 2010 : 10:06:55 AM
I think this website is fantastic! I also get on this most days. Has definately helped me with my knowledge on the VN commodore lol. I agree where do we get these stickers from haha
Tonto Posted - 08 Sep 2010 : 9:49:17 PM
and if it was'nt for this site....i would be driving down the road....probably with smoke billowing out me dash....cheers
Tonto Posted - 08 Sep 2010 : 9:47:21 PM
i get on here every day...even though i'm not posting...i'm learning from other peoples VN problems which i hav'nt encountered
spac89 Posted - 08 Sep 2010 : 10:07:09 AM
Originally posted by InSaNe_InK

i love this site it one of my favs and have we had more new members since i put the big across the back windscreen ???

how do you get one of those stickers thanks
trizo Posted - 22 Sep 2009 : 9:06:55 PM
good to see interest in this!!1
VN91SX Posted - 18 Sep 2009 : 10:56:47 AM
Gday everybody, i just wanted to add to this topic by saying that i find this website so so so handy. I had a pretty challenging question that i asked the other day on here, and it was answered within a heart beat. Bravo guys and girls!!! Keep it up
trizo Posted - 17 Sep 2009 : 9:59:57 PM
Im glad you have found it helpful m8,,,look forward to some more of your input in the forums
jeffro8 Posted - 14 Sep 2009 : 11:17:19 AM
This is a well organized site.
Alot of info Well done
leebo Posted - 06 Jun 2009 : 3:14:30 PM
how many members still login trizo even if they dont post|

and your point being leebo?? I log in all the time and dont post! I was stating that we need more feed back is all hehe sorry bout jumping on the end of your post!!! cheers trizo
trizo Posted - 06 Jun 2009 : 1:58:06 PM
@leebo you want to do a car cruise put it in the events area !! basicaly so far every thing that has been mentioned is already in use on the web site!! If you want your own custom avatar resize the pic and send it to David but pm him first!! If you to do a car cruise well they are here already as well,,,,anymore ideas??? theres a whole forum of people here and only 2 people have had there say!!!
leebo Posted - 05 Jun 2009 : 8:18:35 PM
vn cruise how sik would that be.
yeah i will sort out a pic if everyone else wants to
VN91SX Posted - 04 Jun 2009 : 7:50:46 PM
I agree leebo, and i agree with trizo. All for it! I would love to have a VN car show or something like this. You guys are my only VN friends and you are all scattered all over Australia
leebo Posted - 03 Jun 2009 : 5:26:22 PM
Ok hers one, Perhaps better profiles for the members to check out each others rides and specs.

just an idea otherwise I'm happy
trizo Posted - 03 Jun 2009 : 10:29:34 AM
the "ok it could be more helpful" vote is there....... How can we be more helpful??? Thats the purpose of the poll not to vote and be a smartie about it but if you really think somethink could be better ,, speak up!! I'll cop the comments on the chin
jas89 Posted - 03 Jun 2009 : 01:01:59 AM
i "had" a vn (still do lol) but now have a VS...either way there very similar and this site still helps me with problems i may have, and i try to help as much as i can with others problems:)
leebo Posted - 02 Jun 2009 : 6:00:49 PM
I would join up all my mates to this site but of course none
of them ar stupid enough to buy a vn lol.
WHITE VG Posted - 02 Jun 2009 : 4:33:26 PM
This is a very good website for info on my holden ute thanks for all the help guys and keep up the good work .
trizo Posted - 02 Jun 2009 : 3:15:07 PM
anyway that our forums can be more helpful please speak up ,,, you wont get your head bitten off
trizo Posted - 28 May 2009 : 12:58:22 PM
lmao so I did I just noticed try again

look I fixed it |
VN91SX Posted - 28 May 2009 : 12:32:37 PM
VNSVLE Posted - 28 May 2009 : 11:33:45 AM
Not all big sites are bad buddy As for our little family couldn't be happier!!

@ Triz - Hey buddy you smoochied when you should have snoochied
trizo Posted - 28 May 2009 : 09:43:48 AM
I find with bigger sites, there is a Im the boss attitude (not a "welcome and lets hear what u have to say"). There is also the fact of "oh go google it dude" and that sh1ts me off (unless its just a lazy ass question) you try to help the user! I can go on all day !
leebo Posted - 27 May 2009 : 9:27:31 PM
I gotta agree with ya VN91SX everyone is all friends here the bigger sites can be a bit hard to keep up with. Support Forums © 2005 - 2017 Go To Top Of Page  
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